Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Today's moment of amusement

A pair of my favorite officers wandered in. I put their evidence in, and as they were getting ready to go the conversation veered off-track and earned us an odd look from another officer who was waiting. V, who is a known goof, said " Don't mind me, my partner will tell you this is nothing unusual. I can show up wearing 2 shirts, 3 odd socks and no pants and he'll say it's one of my good days."

J, his parnter, chimed in with "I usually just say a prayer at the beginning of every shift that V not get us killed and we can go home without one or both of us going to the hospital."

The thrid officer is getting distinctly ansty at this point. I didn't help when I added "Hey, at least he got his shoes on the right feet today!"

The boys were heading out the door when I said that. V stumbled over the base of the doorway and J cracked up. "OMG, he actually looked to see if he did!"

It's the little things that amuse me.....

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