Monday, September 24, 2012

Questions I Find Myself Asking All Too Often

Some random, some with reason, all true...

FYI: W= asked at work, H= home, B= both

What's that smell? (B, and all too often, unfortunately)

How did my boobs get bigger when I've lost 47 pounds?!?

What's your name? (W)

Could you spell that, please? (W)

What's your report number? (W)

Was this anywhere that is going to require me to wear gloves BEFORE I touch it? (W)

WHY didn't you tell me that BEFORE I touched it?!? (W)

Do I have to? (B)

Where's your brother/sister? (usually a rhetorical question for the cats, but sometimes applies at work)

Did you see the new patterns by ?

Where is my stapler? (W)

Where are all of my pens? (B)

Why did I agree to this? (B)

When did I agree to this? (B)

Are you sure you turned it in? (W)

Do you speak English? (W)

Are you talking to me? (everywhere)

Do you know what you want yet? (usually to my father in a restaurant)

Do I look like an idiot? (B)

Are you hungry? (B)

Will you please go away? (B)

If I promise to miss you, will you go away? (W)

Can I go away?

What's that noise? (B)

Will you please go get me a Dr Pepper? (W)

Do I look/sound like I care? (B)

Is anyone reading this blog or am I just amusing myself? :-)

1 comment:

  1. You're amusing me! I love reading your posts, and usually can't wait until Monday just for your musings. :)