Monday, September 10, 2012

It's the little things...

Ok, in the hopes of cheering myself up, I am posting a list of a few things that make me happy. I think I've done this before, but that's ok. It's my blog and I can do that. LOL

1. My grumpy little black cat being affectionate and cuddly.

2. My big fat gray cat flopping down and showing me his belly in an attempt to entice me to play with him.

3. Turkey Hill Coffee Ice Cream (one of my newer addictions)

4. Getting packages in the mail.

5. Finding DVD's I really want to watch or books I want to read on serious sale on Amazon!

6. Getting new issues of my British Cross Stitching magazines

7. Playing Bewjeweled 3 & Jewel Quest on my cellphone

8. Selling books at the used book store and getting more money for them than expected

9. BACON!!!

10. That relaxed feeling when I wake up and realize it's a day off and I don't HAVE to get up and do anything if I don't want to

11. Finding new patterns by one of my favorite cross stitch designers

12. Mentally designing/decorating my dream house & planning the extensive trip I intend to take once I win the lottery

So what makes YOU happy? Leave a comment and let me know!

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