Wednesday, September 26, 2012

DVD- Disney's Tangled


Ok, as you may know, I LOVE fairy tales. I actually meant to go see this in the theater and never got around to it. (we all know this is probably a good thing) Then it kind of passed out of mind until I noticed it on the Library New DVD page. I've been trying to be good and not buy a whole lot of stuff, so I've been checking the library for movies fairly regularly and been pleased with some of the things I've gotten.

This take on Rapunzel is hilarious. A spunky princess (even if she doesn't know it), a charming rogue, and a horse & lizard who seem to know more of what's going on than their human sidekicks do, make for a good time. From Rapunzel's initial encounter with Flynn (watching her try to stuff his unconcious body in a wardrobe is priceless) to the Rogue's tavern singalong to the frying pan/sword duel ("This is probably the strangest thing I've ever done"), I laughed until I cried at the first half of this movie.

It got a little darker as the tale unfolds, and the final battle for Rapunzel's freedom from the wicked Gothel was VERY dark (funny how Disney throws traumatic events into all thier kiddie movies), but it all led up to a very HEA. Well worth watching, and try not to shoot Dr Pepper through your nose like I did when the little lizard tries to wake Flynn up. You'll see....

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