Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Libriomancer- Jim C Hines

Libriomancer: (Magic Ex Libris Book 1)

What can I say? This book tapped into almost every geeky dream I've had. Imagine a world where a reader with the right power/imagination can pull things out of the books they read and into existance. Also, where paranormal beings come into existance based on how strongly the books they're from are read/believed in. (some of the vampire subspecies names are priceless)  In this book, those are the Libriomancers, and what they can do is amazing. Luckily, it's a rare talent, and closely monitored by a council to prevent the power from being abused. But what happens when someone goes rogue and starts a war between vampires & libriomancers? In this case, a downgraded libriomancer has to step in and save the day...and possibly the world.

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