Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Back again for a moment

Quick catch up list, semi-regular posting to resume later.

1. Deactivated my Facebook account. I was spending too much time online; it was feeding my unhealthy mental issues (see previous post about obsession); and the political posts on all sides were just getting too ugly.

2. Have gotten rid of just about everything I had dealing with the British actor who I can no longer stand the sight of. That's not quite true- I was going through my devices to delete pictures of him and felt nothing. Not joy, not hate, not even sorrow- it was just "why do I have so many pictures of this guy?"

3. My house was broken into while I was at work. This will be a future blog post. The asshole got away, but I suspect he won't ever try it again. A LOT of officers tend to show up when you break into a police employee's house.

4. The feral cats are getting bolder. Several let me pet them, albeit briefly, now.

Ta-ta for now!