Thursday, June 21, 2012

Book of Lost Fragrances- M J Rose

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I loved this book! It's sort of a melange of Katherine Neville's The Eight & Patrick Suskind's Perfume, with a dollop of Steve Berry's mysteries. Jac & Robbie are the heirs to a long standing family perfume business. Jac wants nothing to do with the business, while Robbie is convinced that there is truth to the family legend of a Book of Fragrances once owned by Cleopatra. He goes missing after an attempt on his life and Jac returns to the family estate in France to search for her brother, whatever he was working on, and the truth about the repressed 'memories' that have plagued her entire life. Throw in some cloak & dagger espionage, a Chinese defector, the Dalai Lama (no, really) and Jac's ex-lover who may or may not be involved in a reincarnated love affair with her and you have quite an interesting read.

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