Saturday, June 16, 2012

Best Excuse Yet

At my job, we have people calling in all the time to find out if we have their son/daughter/whoever’s property. Our policy is that if we cannot give that information to anyone other than the person it was seized from. Despite being told this, most of them want to argue about it, and interestingly enough, most of the people they are allegedly calling on behalf of are totally old enough to be making these calls for themselves. *I* personally would rather die or lose whatever the item is before asking my MOTHER to call the police for me and find out if they had it. Of course, I’m not likely to do anything stupid enough to get arrested for, either.

Anyway, I just had a woman call me from Delaware because her poor innocent son was picked up for public intoxication & disturbing the peace, but he was out of jail now and needed to know where his personal bag was. I explained our policy and she gave me the standard “But I’m his mother” response. I reiterated the policy and then she gave me the best reason yet for why HE couldn’t make the call himself. “The number 5 button on his phone doesn’t work, so that’s why I’m calling for him.”

I’d have almost given in, just because that was so profoundly creative, until I noticed one thing. Her phone number, which showed up on our caller ID, had no less than THREE 5’s in it. I pointed that out, she told me to do something anatomically impossible unless you’re a circus freak and hung up on me.

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