Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Killing In Iowa- Rachel Corbett

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Vinton, Iowa, is not just a place where people live; it's a place where people "stay, sometimes for so long that farmers throw parties when a family reaches its centennial on a plot of land." So when Scott Johnson kills, it rocks the whole community. We all hear about homicides, serial killings, and murder-suicides, but who among us knows a killer, plays with him, watches our mother's heart-rending break-ups with him, or goes to sleep one night while he crashes on the couch in the next room, just hours before committing the deed? Rachel Corbett for one, and 18 years after Johnson's gruesome act, she embarks on a search for details she had never been told, for the child survivor of the victim, and for the deeper meaning of a murder that could easily have occurred under her own roof.
Ok, I'm not a big true crime reader, but this caught my attention becasue of where it's set. Vinton, Iowa is a small town where one of my cousins lives. I thought it might be interesting, but it wasn't. The author seems more interested in making the story about her and what COULD have happened to her family than what actually DID happen. To me, it had the tone of "OMG, I lived with someone who went on to be a killer!" Now I remember why I generally don't read this kind of thing.

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