Friday, May 4, 2012

Another day, another stupid phone call at work

I was just informed by an irate caller that they’ve “been up and down this road for an hour and  you are NOT on Industrial Blvd.” That’s right. We’re on Industry Rd. “Well isn’t that the same thing?” No, and in fact, Industrial Blvd is halfway across town. “Well, you should put the right address on your letter!” We do. It’s not our fault you’re too stupid to read it correctly. “The GPS says we’ll be there in 25 minutes. Have my stuff ready.” I’m sorry, we close to the public in 10 minutes. Try again Monday. “But it’s YOUR fault we’re in the wrong place!” Um, no it isn’t. “Well, you can bite my ass!” No thanks. I already had lunch. “What?” *click*

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