Friday, December 10, 2010

Marrying Anita

Marrying Anita

From Goodreads:
You are a single woman in your thirties, fed up with the singles scene. You are tired of singles dinner parties, and exhausted by phone calls, e-profiles, and forced dinner conversation. You fear you will never marry. What do you do? Anita Jain, a New York-based Indian-American journalist, is just such a woman. Even her parents despair of her and have logged her details on to an Indian dating internet site. For years she has trusted the Western way of finding a husband, but maybe there's something in arranged marriages after all. It certainly can't get any worse. So she's travelling to India in search of a perfect husband. Marrying Anita is a refreshingly honest look at the modern search for a mate set against the backdrop of a rapidly modernising New India. Will she find a suitable man? If so, will he please her nosy parents, aunts, uncles and cousins? Is the new urban Indian culture all that different from New York? And is any of this dating worth the effort?

My opinion:
Anita got fed up with the dating scene in NYC and decided to move to India in order to give a more traditional Indian approach to relationships a try. That didn't work too well either, but her journey is an interesting read. Despite our cultural differences, I was able to identify with a great deal of Anita's life. I, however, will NEVER consider letting my parents pick a husband for me! (my mother's idea of the perfect man for me is Howdy-Doody and my father is trying to marry me off to Shaft.)

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