Saturday, December 11, 2010

The English Rose Resturant Cookbook

The English Rose Restaurant Cookbook

From Goodreads:
From basics such as Shepherd's Pie to artfully created recipes like Glazed Carrots and Parsnips, this homey cookbook captures the rich flavors of the British countryside. Recipes from the menu of the popular Bay Area restaurant feature entrees, soups, salads, light lunches, breads and scones, and desserts.

My opinion:
Well, being something of an avowed Anglophile and loving to eat, I had high hopes for this cookbook. My friends and I are planning an all day bash for Kate & William's wedding next spring and I was hoping to find a useful tidbit or two. No such luck. While I am not such a food snob that I refuse to use ready made foods in recipes, I do find it disheartening to find them in a cookbook of recipes allegedly served in a restaurant. I counted at least 6 in this volume including an apple pie that called for a defrosted 12 oz package of escalloped apples.
At least I bought it used for a low price and won't feel bad about giving it away!

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