Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Fifth and Final Listmania (for now, anyway)

Nine Things My Socks Would Say If The Could Talk

1. Not me again! Can't you wear a different pair today?!?

2. Um, hey, this isn't my mate!!!

3. Get that cat away from me! I'm not a chew toy!

4. Time to play hide and seek!

5. Cut your damned toenails already! I don't need holes poked in me.

6. Wait a minute...that shirt clashes with us.

7. Have you ever heard of odor eaters?!?

8. For god's sake, keep your shoes on at your friend's house! You want the whole world to see how many holes you've worn in us?

9. If WE'RE wet & cold, YOU'RE wet and cold!

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