Friday, June 26, 2015

It's Take Your Dog To Work Day!

I used to work in an amusement park in Carolina Beach, NC. Shortly after I started, it was bought out by a rich family looking for a hobby. Among their hobbies was raising Irish Water Spaniels (which look like big poodles) and they used to bring them to work with them often. The dogs were cool, but even better than that was the fact that the new owners didn't mind the staff bringing their dogs and in fact encouraged us to! I think I was the only one who did, but my Scotty-dog loved being able to ride to the beach and go for walks when I wasn't bound to the office. He forged quite a friendship with 2 of the owner's 3 dogs- it wasn't unusual to come in and find a giant puppy pile snoozing behind my desk!

I'm pretty sure there isn't a Take Your CAT To Work day, for two reasons. A: Cats don't work, they like to watch us do it. B: Have you ever tried to jam a cat into a carrier & then listened to it sing the war songs of its people for a cross-town commute? If I did bring her to work with me, Nightshade would either spend the shift under my desk hissing mad, or disappear into the bowels of this hellhole, never to be seen again!

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