Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Listmania the Fourth

Seven Things I Always Lose

(I decided to skip the list of things to say after you burp in favor of this one. You're welcome.)

1. My temper. Lots of people can attest to this one

2. My lip balm. I suspect it goes off to party with this next item...

3. My pens. It never fails, if I find a good pen with an ink color I like, it will vanish shortly thereafter.

4. My keys. I bought a carabiner clip so that I can attach them to my purse or belt loops. The problem now is REMEMBERING to attach them to said items.

5. My train of thought. I'll be in the middle of doing something and suddenly there's a chocolate pie in the fridge, but I'm waiting for a break to eat it and what was this supposed to be about?

6. My place on cross stitch charts. Even when I highlight the parts I've stitched, I still get off track.

7. My heart, to pretty British boys. Like this one!

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