Wednesday, August 29, 2012

One of my favorite comics, ever!

I Would Lick It For Hours: Two Lumps-Year One

Presenting the Two Lumps ( for your reading pleasure. I can't believe I haven't reviewed this series before. The picture above is book 1- I think we're up to 7-8 volumes now. The thing that makes this comic different from others featuring cats is that in this one, THEY ACTUALLY BEHAVE LIKE CATS. Granted, there is a good deal of silliness, mayhem, and filking (Mel Hynes is a filk goddess) in addition to the cat behavior and that's what makes this series so much fun.

The primary characters are Ebeneezer (aka Eben, or Bennie) and Snooch. Eben is the smart/evil kitty, and Snooch is the generally amiable but dumb cat you can't help but adoring. How close do they come to true felines? Let me put it this way- I now call my Greymalkin "Snoochie-cat". They could be brothers if Snooch was real. (in a sense he was- Hynes & Grant based the characters on Mel's real life cats. I suspect I would have loved them)

How much do I love this series? I read it online (new strips posted M/W/F!) AND I own all the print collections. It's THAT good.

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