Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dave Barry Rocks!

So, last week I corralled the parents and we went to a library book signing featuring Dave Barry. I had worked an event with him back in my bookstore days, so I knew it would be a good time.

The place was packed. I was lucky enough to order my tickets the day the event was posted online- one of the librarians told me that they'd had to change the venue twice to accommodate the large number of people who wanted to attend. I took 4 hours off from work that day to go. Mom & Dad were supposed to get there early and snag some good seats. We actually got there at the same time, but still got really good seats. They were selling copies of the new book and Mom was kind enough to buy one for me since I was still 9th in line for the library copies and payday wasn't until Friday following the event. Dad took one look at the title- YOU CAN DATE BOYS WHEN YOU'RE FORTY- and told me that I am still not old enough. Hah.

Dave took the "stage" and the laughter started immediately. Here's how funny this man is- my father, who rarely gives more than a dry chuckle at things that amuse him, ACTUALLY LAUGHED OUT LOUD. MORE THAN ONCE. I jokingly told my mother that Dave seemed to be talking to our aside of the room more than the other. She said she thought he was just talking to me because it seemed to her that he was looking right at me most of the show. My friends Susan & Frank, who were seated toward the middle, echoed Mom's theory. (Frank actually stood up for a second to see what was over on the right side, sat back down, looked at Susan and said "Mickey is directly in his path of vision.")

Because I picked our seats toward the right front side of the stage, I wound up being the 6th person in line to get my book signed. I'm not sure if Dave actually remembered me from the bookstore event years earlier or if he just flirted with all the girls, but he grabbed my hand, said "Well, HELLO there" and talked to me for 5 minutes before signing my book....which he made out to "Mickey, the goddess" without any prompting from me. Susan, bless her, snuck up and got a couple of shots of us talking.

All in all, it was a fun evening. And, Dave? If you're ever single again, call me. :-)

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