Friday, February 28, 2014

The Girl Scout Cookie Story

So, last Sunday I was out at the grocery store. It's Girl Scout Cookie season here in Kentucky and there was a table of little girls and their moms selling them in the foyer. I usually order mine from one of my coworkers, but I more often than not pick up an extra box or two when I come across those tables. ESPECIALLY if the girls are actively selling (instead of letting the adults do it) and are polite. Well, this table was staffed by three of the cutest little Brownies ever. I was approached by a tiny, snaggle-toothed little sweetheart who lisped "Excuthe me, mith, would you like to buy our cookies?" I told her not right then, but I'd stop on my way back out.

I collected the handful of things I needed and made my way back out of the store. I couldn't resist, so I'd gotten enough cash back on my debit card to buy ONE box. One of the other girls saw me coming and ran over to ask, again, VERY politely, if i'd like a box. I said yes, went to the table, and told the adults that their Brownies were two of the politest cookie sellers I'd ever met and it would be an honor to buy a box from them. They were quite pleased to hear that and then this happened:

The third little girl walked toward a man on his way out and (still politely) asked him if he'd like to buy some cookies. He could have simply said NO, or No, Thank you, but this cretin instead chose to swear at a little girl who couldn't have been more than 7 years old. "No, I don't want no damn cookies. That fucking shit is too high."

Ok, y'all know me. I may not be that crazy about kids, but even I don't swear at them without a damn good reason, and even then, I usually swear at the adult responsible for them instead of the child. And seeing the way that poor little girl's face fell, I wasn't going to let that go. She ran back to her mom, close to tears, and buried her face in Mom's sweater. I signaled to both mothers that the boom was about to be lowered.

I walked over to the jackhole and said, "Was it really necessary to swear at a young girl who was asking you a question, using her best manners? Would you do that if your mother was here?" He began to stammer explanations, but I cut him off. Handing him my freshly purchased box of Samoas, I said "Please take these as my gift and hopefully they'll sweeten your attitude before you encounter anyone else." (I can't believe I gave away a box of Samoas, and to a jerk, no less) He stood there in stunned disbelief as I walked away.

I looked back over my shoulder (in case he decided to come after me or something) and he was on his knees by the table apologizing to the little girl he made cry. So apparently some people CAN learn.

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