Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February Goals, Update 2

Well, the month is almost over. I didn't do as well on my goals as I'd hoped to. I DID succeed in taking out the trash at least once a week. I washed some of the laundry, but didn't get anything folded or put away. Came nowhere close to getting Mom's present stitched (maybe by Mother's Day?) or cooking at home as often as I wanted to. We won't even discuss cleaning house.

So, March Goals:

1. 1 positive post of some sort on FaceBook everyday. (I can't get on the blog every day or i'd do it here, and it seems like cheating to schedule 31 posts in advance)

2. keep up with getting the trash out at least once a week.

3. the whole cooking thing (I did put a soup in the crockpot for tonight, so maybe it's the turning of a new leaf. And if it's good, I'll post the recipe for it here tomorrow))

4. Start AND finish at least one small cross stitch piece.

5. Tackle Laundry Mountain in earnest. I'm tired of hunting for socks & underwear.

6. Start cleaning. Seriously. I have just under two months before Chad & Mel get here. Yes, my house is THAT bad. I blame my CFS mostly, but have to start sucking it up and getting my flabby butt in gear.

7. try to blog a bit more.

Let's see how well I do this time!

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