Thursday, February 6, 2014

February Goals, update 1

Well, I made a start on laundry mountain. Washed & dried several loads, but didn't get as far as putting them away properly. Sigh. Baby steps...

I filled the trash can Sunday and rolled it out to the curb for the Monday pickup. So of course we got a snow/ice storm. They hadn't come to pick it up by the time I was leaving for work. However, the considerate West Buechel snowplow drivers had blocked every drive (and consequently every trash can) on the block with their customary wall of slush. Not only did I dig out my driveway, I cleared the trash can to make it easier for the sanitation guys. Who never showed up.

We got more ice & snow over the last 2 days. I chipped the can open a couple of times to add to it. Today, in a moment of optimism, I salted the base of the can while I was out salting the driveway. Note: I am the only person on my street who has done anything like this.

They picked the trash up today. I heard the truck when I was putting on my shoes for work. I also heard the grunts and curses as they had to chip cans loose up and down the block...until they got to my house. Then I heard a knock on the front door. I opened it to find the three guys from the trash truck on my porch. They were so tickled that I had dug my can out and salted around it that they actually parked the truck and came to thank me!

It's the little things in life...

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