Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lost For Words

Lost for Words

Blurb from Goodreads:
Sweet-natured Daisy, assistant at a large publishing house, has two wishes in life. One, to discover the 'next big thing' in books and two, for her gorgeous, philandering boyfriend Miles to finally commit. But soon work starts looking up. When the thoughtful and witty Elliot Thornton comes in for a temporary placement, Daisy quickly forms a close friendship with him. But she'd never want to leave Miles for him, would she? Then, one day, while glancing through her rejection pile, she comes across the intriguing first pages of a novel. With spine-tingling excitement she emails the mysterious author straightaway and as chapter by chapter slowly filter through to her, she becomes completely spellbound. But somehow, there's something very familiar about the heroine and her story! An enchanting romance about a girl who knows she's in love -- she just doesn't know who with!

My opinion:

This is another from the pile of brit-chick lit books that I've been rampaging through. The cover alone made me like this one. While I look nothing like the girl in the picture, I've often envisioned myself stretched out in similar fashion on a lovely day, absorbed in a book with a pile waiting to be read at my side.

I loved the premise of the book- editorial assistant in a publishing house finds a gem in the slush pile (my dream job, BTW. Even though I know what it REALLY entails), realizes that it seems to be telling parallelling her life, and finds new love in an unexpected place. The story itself- not so much. It's a little too frothy, and Daisy is amazingly, stupidly, oblivious to things that would make a normal woman stand up and scream "ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?" Things like her boyfriend's inability to commit to ANYTHING (he can't make dinner, lunch, the theatre 75% of the time and you still think he's your boyfriend?!?), her friends point blank telling her he's a jerk, or the cute guy right under her nose that is CLEARLY interested in her. She does finally figure things out in the end and the reader gets a happy ending, but you want to shake her until her head rattles before you get to it!

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