Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Eating Well- on a Budget

EatingWell on a Budget (EatingWell)

I love cookbooks. I especially love cookbooks that promise me good food that I can afford and/or have the time to make. This one, while nicely laid out, did not live up to the expectations I had. The chapters were typical for an all-purpose cookbook, but the copy I had contained pages that I think may have been inserted out of order. if not, then someone fell down on the job doing layout because it was a bit disconcerting to flip through the poultry chapter and find 3 vegetarian recipes in the middle. Or to read the beef section and find a shrimp dish.

Most of the recipes in this volume were somewhat basic and I have other (sometimes better) verisons in my collection already. I did find 3 that were worth adding to my list: Salmon Rosti,Almond Crusted Pork, and a Cream of Turkey & Wild Rice Soup.

Oh, and the misplaced shrimp dish? I can't make it myself, due to food allergies, but I may pass it on to my mother. I think my Dad would enjoy it.

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