Friday, November 19, 2010

Always The Baker, Never The Bride

Always the Baker, Never the Bride

I'm not a big reader of christian fiction, simply because many of the authors that I've tried have been rather heavy handed with the religion. I was about a 3rd of the way through this novel before it came up and the author didn't strain to work it in repeatedly, so it was a pleasant surprise. Emma is a master baker who just happens to be diabetic. After a chance encounter with Jackson in the bakery where she not-so-happily works, she winds up leaving her job to go work in the hotel that he has just bought. family drama (his and hers) as well as some other personal issues swirl into the confection of a story, leaving the reader with a sweet, but not too so, happy ending.

My biggest quibble? The discussion questions at the end, especially the one about whether or not baking is a foolish career choice for a diabetic. As both a former baker and current diabetic, I can tell you that it is NOT, as long as you monitor your consumption. And honestly- after hours of working with and smelling all that flour and sugar, you reach a point where you really don't want to eat it.

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