Thursday, March 5, 2015

Catching up

So, my heart was broken last week when Leonard Nimoy passed away. There will be a longer post about that when I can write it without crying.

Dr. M says my thyroid tumor is still benign, so he wants to go ahead and give it another year. Easy for him- he doesn't have to make the copays for the ultrasounds & biopsies!

Dad surprised me when we went out to dinner last Sunday. I was waiting for him & Mom to get to the restaurant and heard a cough. I looked up and there he was walking to the table WITHOUT his walker! He's been practicing at home and is getting about fairly well, although he still uses it when the weather is bad or we're going somewhere crowded, just for the extra stability. Mom offered him her arm when we were leaving and he shook her off and fairly STRUTTED out of the place.

And the bloody snow is back. We got over a foot last night. The boss had to pick me up again because Sunshine once again pre-empted the day off.

That's about it for now. I'm mailing my Mug of Comfort exchange package out tomorrow (IF I can get my car dug out and get to the post office) and looking forward to assembling it tonight. I hope Melissa likes it! I've also got a mystery stash box to mail to the next person in the stitch exchange group I'm in and 2 packages of Red Velvet Oreos going to a friend in England. And two "Just because" presents going to friends in CA & Ontario. The post office loves me- I don't know how they can go broke with all the shipping I do!

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  1. You had A LOT of mail going out!! I didn't like my package...I LOVED it!!!