Wednesday, May 21, 2014

We have another new grocery store!

Louisville got a Lucky's store, and it opened last weekend. Mom & Dad went the first day and raved about it. I agreed to check it out Sunday afternoon, misguidedly thinking some of the Grand Opening hoopla would have settled down. Nope. The place was packed. They're kind of along the same lines as Trader Joe's & Whole Foods, which meant that prices were a little higher on a lot of items and the store was full of self-righteous wanna-be eco-conscious people. They try to source as many of their products as locally as possible, which is nice.

They had a GREAT produce section. Also, the packaged meat case was awesome. Ground beef for $1.69 a pound! Really nice looking pork steaks- bought several of those, too. The fresh meat case wasn't as impressive to me, until I found the samples of bacon they'd put out. OMG, the pepper bacon was TO DIE FOR! Mom all but had to drag me away from the samples and I bought a pound of it for myself. I was also nice and got Daddy a 3 slice sample of the plain bacon. The meat counter guy was super nice and didn't charge me for those.

I was disappointed in the baked goods. They had a lot of gluten-free products which is good for those with genuine gluten issues. There were several packages of fresh-made danish, but most of them simply said "Danish" on the label and it was hard to identify the fruit fillings. I asked one clerk if the filling on a box was strawberry or raspberry and she didn't know either, so I skipped them. The breads were WAY overpriced, except for some fresh loaves at the deli that were on special 2/$4.

My favorite purchase so far (besides the bacon) was the Amy's Dark Chocolate Toffee Crunch bar. I WILL be going back for more of those. And the bacon.


No, I'm not obsessed.

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