Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ok, that's enough of this.

While I am in aboslutely NO hurry to experience any hot weather, especially the wretched heat we had last year, I have had enough of the cold weather we are having. The day here started out at -5 with the wind chill factor. UGH.

The best part of weather like this is curling up under 50 layers of blankets in bed with one or both cats burrowed into my back/side and sleeping a day away. Second best is sitting in my recliner with one or both cats in my lap and the space heater blowing on my feet while I read/stitch/watch movies.

And while I'm griping, here are a few more things I am sick of:

1. Kim Kardashian & her family

2. Beyonce. The bitch can't sing and had to lip-sync. And I still think that was a fake pregnancy.

3. The word 'babymoon', most commonly used in stories about stupid celebrities who go on romatic trips that normal people can't afford while in the early stages of pregnancy.

4. The concept of 'push presents.' Again, mainly used by idiot celebrities. WHY do you deserve an expensive toy for giving birth? Especially one that could feed a 3rd world country for a year? I'm sure that Poor Woman Giving Birth in a place like that would love a push present too... probably decent medical care.

5. That damn commerical for some male enhancement product that features Joe Theisman telling me more about his prostate than I *EVER* wanted to know.

Did I miss anything major? Share your gripes below.


  1. Use of the phrase, "jus' sayin'". Our local morning show, such as it is, has taken a liking to it and will use it multiple times each day.

    They also love sunrises. I do, too. However, not EVERY. FREAKING. SUNRISE. can be described as "epic".

  2. Can't believe I left the person that inspired this post off the list...will someone please push Lance Armstrong in front of a bus so he can go away? He can take that idiot football player with the fake dead girlfriend with him.