Monday, January 14, 2013

Bad Date Stories 3- The LAST Blind Date

Despite previous experiences, I let a friend talk me into a date with his coworker a couple of years ago. It was another case of "good match on paper due to mutual interests" with the warning that his social skills needed a little work. C passed my number on to his work buddy and I waited for the call.

A few days later, the guy called. He asked me to meet for lunch becasue he didn't want to spend a lot on dinner in case it didn't work out. Strike one.

I suggested a few places for lunch, none of which was ungodly expensive. (Panera, for example) He countered with White Castle or McDonald's. Strike two.

I firmly told him that if we were going to do burgers, I at least wanted to go to Steak & Shake...and I would pay for my own meal so he wouldn't feel the burn if our 'date' didn't work out. He agreed to that. *eyeroll*

We met for lunch on the agreed day. C, and our friend B (who also worked there), apparently had described me well enough for him to recognize me as I walked in, but failed to mention that I'm, shall we say, statuesque. So I was greeted with, "Are you Mickey? Damn you're a big 'un!" Strike 3.

At least the food was good. (I ordered onion rings- a sure sign to anyone with a brain that you are NOT getting a kiss or anything else) The company left a lot to be desired. He spent most of the meal talking about his ex, ranting about politics (he was VERY conservative. I am not- in fact I was surprised he agreed to go on an interracial date by the way he ranted), and how he shouldn't have to support anyone but himself. I didn't get a word in edgeways, not that I tried too hard.

During a pause for breath, I mentioned that I needed to leave soon as I was due in to work in 20 minutes. (not true, but I needed an excuse and forgot to arrange for the fake emergency call. What? Like you've never done that) Waved the server down for my check- I DID pay for my own meal- and left him there to finish the food he'd barely touched while he was ranting.

C called me a few hours later, laughing. My erstwhile date had called him and said I seemed pretty cool and we'd be going out again soon. "When he told me that he was surprised you'd ordered onion rings on a first date, I knew he'd blown it even if he didn't. Are you really going out with him again?"

Um, no. In fact I was surprised to hear that he thought we would. He did call me later that night and tell me that I seemed like I'd be laid back and not demanding (ok, maybe C & B didn't describe me that well...LOL) or a gold digger (that part was right), so he'd be up for another date. I told him I appreciated the thought, but just didn't feel a connection, so maybe it was better not to see each other any more. "Oh," he said. "In that case, bye!"

And that was that.


  1. LOL... PLEASE, do not stop going on blind dates... If you can't think of any reason to ever go on one again, just think of my amusement!

  2. Keep reading! LOL. The story of my one & only internet date is coming up soon.