Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Freaking out the librarians

Most of the regular staff at my library branch know that I work for the police. On the weekends, the library is usually staffed by part timers and/or people from other branches. Sunday was one of those occasions.

I noticed 2 squad cars out front when I pulled up to get my books yesterday. Went inside and didn’t see anyone, so I didn’t think anything else of it. I needed to use a computer, so I went upstairs, headed for the first free one I saw, and didn’t pay attention to anything else until it was time for me to check out.

As I walked up to the circulation desk, I heard a voice behind me. “Let me know if this one gives you any problems. She’s a known trouble maker.”

I grinned, recognizing the voice. “Push off, pig!”

The kid working at the desk looked ready to faint. Officer E & I continued to banter for a minute before we realized that he thought the cop was serious & I was smarting off to him. E finally explained that we work together and he was just giving me grief. You could see the clerk visibly relax at that point.

E told me that they were there because someone reported an internet predator was there. They got the guy, and the detectives were upstairs examining the computer the scum had been using. “We all saw you come in.” Somehow I missed 4 uniformed officers and 3 detectives (all of whom I know VERY well) because I was so focused on getting online and getting done. Ooops. Although I wouldn’t have gone over and said anything if they were clearly working on something- I know better than to do that. But it apparently gave them all a good laugh that I was so oblivious.

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