Wednesday, October 10, 2012

DVD- Lenny Henry Live: So Much Things To Say

Lenny Henry - So Much Things To Say Live [DVD]

I love Lenny Henry. One of my favorite Brits ever, I first found him in a PBS catalog that had his series Chef! Since I was about to start culinary school at the time, and I love British comedy, I thought I'd like it. I was right. (usually am, LOL) When I find an actor/actress I like, I tend to become uber-fan and search out anything they've done that I can get my hands on.

The problem with loving British programs is that most of them are not available on a format compatible with US DVD players. However, thanks to my darling mother buying me a region free DVD player for my birthday this year, I can now go even crazier. This was one of my first purchases.

It starts out as one of Lenny's typical stand-up acts. But then he goes into new (to me, anyway) territory and throws in some character sketches. Then you're shown that the audience has a brief intermission. Now my attention has been piqued, because this is NOT typical of a comdey show. The second half of the show is where it really comes alive. Lenny fleshes out the characters you see him do bits of at the beginning. There's a shopkeeper, a soldier, an old man in a nursing home, and a lady. He switches from character to character seamlessly, and as the show progresses, you realize how they all connect and the ending will take your breath away. Not to mention, it's funny as hell to see Lenny Henry argue with figments of his own imagination.

If you have access to a region free player, this is well worth hunting down. If not, hope it airs on BBC America someday, or is released in a format compatible with your region. You really should see this.

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