Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Musings- Will Whoever Is In Charge Of The Weather PLEASE Get A Grip?!?

So, welcome to Monday. Post is a bit late today- no real reason, it just is.

There are many out there who believe that the odd weather patterns we've been having for the last year or so are a sign of the impeding apocalypse. After the last 5 days, I'm almost inclined to agree.

Last week, we had 68-75 degree temperatures - in FEBRUARY?!?- followed immediately by tornados. Louisville was lucky and got skipped over by the tornados. Several small towns around us were not.

Last night, we finally got the snow that had been predicted off and on for months. I honestly expected it to be a "few flakes and forget about it" kind of snowfall. WRONG. sort of. I was at my parents place, eating dinner and using their computer. Dad wandered out around 9-10, looked out the front door and all but shrieked with glee. (He's never so happy as he is when the weather is awful. It gives him a chance to be the Minister of Doom & Gloom, a role he plays well.) It was rain mixed with snow at that point, and while there was some accumulation on the ground and parked cars, I figured it would stop soon or change to all rain. Wrong again. I finally reminded myself around 1 a.m. that I did have to work today and should probably stop fooling aorund online and go home.

Mom opened the front door to see me out and shrieked in horror. Not only had the rain stopped, leaving the snow to fall, it was still falling and fairly heavily at that. My car was covered in three inches, easily. I had used the remote start to get it warming up before I left, so the windshield was pretty easy to clear. That was the good part of the drive home.

The bad part was the roads themselves. The apartment complex where my parents live had taken no preventative measures (ie salt or brine in the parking lot) as usual, so getting out was a bit tricky. The subdivision also had done nothing, and there were no crews out to clear the roads. Once I got onto the interstate, past the mall, I got lucky and got behind a snowplow/salt truck.  I took a slightly alternate way home, sticking close to that truck, and it  took nearly 30 minutes, as opposed to the usual 10.

My little neighborhood was a winter wonderland to behold. Getting into my driveway was horrible- we have steep ditches on both sides of the street, kind of like moats, and I was terrified that my poor little car was going to slide off the drive and into the ditch. Louisville Metro doesn't plow our area because I live in a little incorporated city within the city, so they are responsible for it. This usually does not end well. The last good snowfall we had saw them plow the main street, leaving a 3 ft high block of snow at the end of all the conecting streets. My neighbors and I wound up having to go down to the end of the block and dig that out after we'd shoveled our own drives. Then, since we'd done that, the plow came down our street and helpfully re-created the blockage on each freshly cleared driveway. I was not amused and gave the driver a choice of coming back and clearing my drive or calling the Police Lt that I work for and explaining why I wouldn't be in to work that day becasue I was NOT digging that out again. He cleared my drive.

Anyway, I was surprised and gratified to hear the snowplow come down my street at 4 a.m. Yeah, I was still up- insomnia is my constant companion. I finally went to bed and drifted off, fully expecting to have to spend an hour digging out my car. I got up at noon and discovered that not only were the roads clear, the weather had warmed up to the point that the snow on my drive had melted away. Yippee!

Here's the kicker. On the drive in to work, the radio station weather forecast said we can expect a high of 60 tomorrow.


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