Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Musings- I Can't Win, EVER

So, in less than 48 hours, I am supposed to start my first official vacation this year. After last week's snowfall, immediately followed by 60-70 degree days, I developed a massive sinus infection that spread to my left ear. I'm on antibiotics for them, but the weird weather has not been helping, and it's not clearing up as quickly as the doctors had hoped. Here's why this is bad- On Thursday, I'm supposed to be flying to visit my cousins out west. Their weather is still in the 30-40's and it is supposed to rain the entire time I'm there. And then I get to come back to warmish KY.

Yep. I think I'll be on antibiotics for most of this year.

This is all supposing that I get to go on the trip at all. I have an elderly great-aunt in Iowa who's health is fading rapidly and they expect her to slip away in her sleep any day now, much like my late Gramma. Mom is not taking this well. Then my dad's brother called to say that his wife was in critical condition back in NC.


Right now the contingency plan is to hope that nothing changes until I get back in town on Sunday. If Aunt Lora passes while I'm gone, Mom & Dad will be driving themselves to Iowa. If Aunt Myrtle goes, they'll be going to NC. If, heaven forbid, they both pass away before I leave, my airline ticket gets cashed in and Mom will fly to Iowa while I drive Dad to NC. If the worst happens AFTER I get back, my aunts will pay for my mom to fly in while I drive Dad.

Confused yet? I am.

On the positive side- I finished my first ever cross stitched piece on non-aida fabric this weekend! Of course I still haven't figured out how to get my camera to upload photos, so here is a picture of the pattern that I found on Google Images:

My piece looks pretty much like this, only the fabric I used is a pale green. I added three tiny ladybug buttons, also pictured, at various points around the pattern and only stitched 2 z's on the wording. I was going to leave it off entirely, but then it looked off-balance, so I wound up doing it anyway. I haven't figured out how I'm going to finish it- the frame pictured here is cute, and I'd love something like that if I can find it. One of the ladies in my needlework group suggested making it into a bookmark, so I'm considering that as well. Any suggestions can be left in the comments. If anyone is reading this, I'd like to know what you think. Who knows, I might just send it to you!

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  1. They have those Tervis Tumblers that you can buy and personalize. You could get one of those and have a really cute drinking glass.