Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Musings- I hate my job

Actually, I quite like the job itself, it's the building that I'm in (old, moldy, smelly) and the idiotic, psychotic asshats I work with, that I LOATHE.  Rgiht now I have special hate on for the coworker who is the reason that I now have to wear ear plugs when I'm in the general office area. Tonight she's achieved a personal best- the TV is so loud that I can hear it CLEARLY through my industrial strength ear plugs. And yet my bosses say nothing to her.....the last time I complained, the bosses threatened to remove the TV entirely (fine with me) and she worked herself & the rest of the office into such a frenzy that I got threatened by nearly all of them. (The bosses don't care about that either, BTW.) So I said "fuck it", bought ear plugs to wear when I HAVE to be in the general area, and spend as much time as possible in the back. Friday (Psycho's day off) is the ONE day I can actually work at my desk and not have to listen to the damned thing.

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