Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sweet Revenge- Andrea Penrose

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Well! I read this in one delighted sitting. Combine several of my favorites- in this case, the Regency era, chocolate, and a thumping good mystery with an unconvetional heroine and a broody dark hero- and watch me be entertained! Arianna is a former young lady of Quality, living under an assumed name, disguised as a male French chef. Someone poisons one of her dishes at a party and nearly kills the Prince Regent. Saybrook is drafted to find the attempted murderer- and discovers Arianna's secret, well, one of her secrets, in the process. An attempt on her life makes them unlikely allies who now have to work together to find out not only who tried to kill the Prince, but who caused Arianna's father to lose his place in society and what exactly they hope to gain. The give-and-take battle of wills between them is entertaining, and the ending is not totally unexpected, but still satisfying.

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