Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rumble Road: Untold Stories from Outside the Ring by Jon Robinson

Rumble Road: Untold Stories from Outside the Ring

What fans see IN the ring is nothing compared to some of the antics OUTSIDE the ring. Although my days of running the roads with wrestlers are long over, it was fun to read the stories in this book and remember things I've seen and done. From travel woes (how on earth did some of them find places before GPS?) to pranks pulled (ask Chris Jericho about his deaf Fozzy fan), this collection covers everything and then some.

True story: In the early 90's, My friends and I were hanging out with some then-WCW wrestlers who invited us to come to the next show in Roanoke, VA. (We were at a show in Winston-Salem NC at the time) We got directions and drove up- it took about 90 minutes. 7 hours later the frantic show promoter comes knocking on our hotel room door. It seems he'd gotten a phone call from the guy I was dating. He & his tag team partner D were riding with another wrestler, Steve. My guy, M, & Steve had fallen asleep, leaving D to drive. D had the attention span of a gnat and no sense of direction, so of course he had taken a wrong turn. The others were asleep, and he left them that way thinking he'd figure out how to get back to where they were supposed to be. He didn't. M woke up at some point several HOURS (and miles) later, looked out the car window, and shrieked "Where the HELL are we?!?" Steve woke up when M started yelling, and they convinced D to pull over at the next gas station. They were in Charleston WV.  M refused to get back in the car with them- I had to drive from Roanoke to Charleston and get him. The other 2 waited for me to get there and followed me back. We barely made it to the show on time. Needless to say, D wasn't allowed to drive again for a LOOOONG time. I hadn't planned on going on the rest of that scheduled run with M (they had 3 more shows in VA & MD), but he begged me to stay and drive them. Since I was between jobs at that time anyway, I agreed. There are several more stories from that trip (ask me about Space Mountain sometime), but those will just keep until I write my OWN book. LOL

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