Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Not Low Maintenance by Barbara Morgenroth

Not Low Maintenance (Kindle Edition)

this started out very promisingly. Viva has fled her East Coast home and lived in California for the last 2 years. An urgent plea for help from her sister brings her home, and the sisters decide to start a catering business to get little sister Bel's finanacial problems under control. Sadly, their first client turns out to be a hunt ball hosted by Viva's detested, vindictive ex. Viva designs a menu that is pointedly directed at him, yet goes over well with his friends and clients, and reignites his thirst for revenge on her for something that isn't revealed until much later. David, the ex, is a goon; Joel, the man Viva meets at the hunt ball is a lawyer with a sense of humor, and as soon as it's obvious that he & V are falling for each other, David hires him to sue Viva. The rest of the book follows Viva & Joel trying to forge a relationship despite David's lawsuit, Viva's unlikely transtion into a pop-culture Mating Maven, and the fallout from David's vicious, bitter attacks. The ending was a little rushed and forced- had it been fleshed out a little more, I would have given this 4 stars.

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