Monday, October 3, 2011

Poetry Monday

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Reality Check

That perfect person you longed to meet

And make part of your life

Turned out to be a control freak,

The dream lasted a whole week

And awakening was so bleak.

Hope and expectation ends in grief.

The perfect job you so desired

To advance your stalled career

Led you into a dead - end.

Ambition is a false friend,

Frustration seems a strong trend

Dipping towards a dark nadir.

Time for a reality check,

Your life is a carousel.

What goes around keeps coming back,

The car you rode is off the track,

Failure stretched you on a rack

And disillusion cracks your shell.

So step down off your merry-go-round

Into these waiting arms,

I cannot offer you perfection

But promise a connection

That will salve hurt and rejection

With a thousand loving balms.......

Anthony Zeigler

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