Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day/5 for Sunday Bonus edition

I realized that the 5 movie listing was short-changing my dad, so here are 5 memories to go along with it!

1. Possibly one of my favorites- the year my brother graduated from dental school, nearly the entire family flew to California to watch him get his degree. (poor Mom didn't get to go) Anyway, my brother took us to one of his favorite Chinese restaurants for dinner one night and tried to show off. He asked for chopsticks and said "Here, Dad, let me show you how to use these!" Daddy snatched them out of his hand and said something to the effect of "Boy, I know what I'm doing" and began eating with them as though it was something he did every day. 6 jaws dropped around the table as we watched this, and then I started laughing.

2. My dad cheats at checkers. When I was around 12 or so, the library system in our hometown was opening a new branch. Being a staffer's kid, it was decided that I would be given the honor of being allowed to check out the first book there. The newspaper was supposed to send a photographer out to take a picture of this momentous event. Mom was worknig at the main branch that day, so Dad got to take me out for this. Now, he had probably worked all night before we were scheduled to be at the library, so I imagine he was pretty tired. And of course the photographer wasn't there on time. So we waited....and waited...and while we were waiting, I challenged Daddy to a game of checkers in the kid's area. He started pulling out moves he called things like "Mississippi long legs" and beat me at every game. After another hour or so, we gave up on the photographer, I checked a book out, and we left. The next day in the paper there was a shot of our backs as we walked out the library door- guess who showed up as we were leaving?

3. I take number 1 back- THIS is my favorite Dad story. We used to be owned by the world's biggest cockapoo- Scotty. (that's what the shelter told us he was when we adopted him as a puppy. fortunately for him, by the time the growth spurt proved otherwise, we were already pretty attached to him and not willing to give him up) My sisters have complained for years that I'm Dad's favorite kid. I'm here to tell you that it wasn't me, it was the dog and this story proves it. Mom was working the evening shift at the library one day. Dad & I were watching TV with the pup. Dad asked if I was cooking dinner. "No." A few minutes later, he said "Kentucky Fried Chicken sounds good." I agreed with that. So he got up, got his car keys, and drove off with Scotty in tow. (that dog LOVED to go for rides in the car) 20 minutes later he came back with two boxes. He opened the first box- livers & gizzards (yuk), clearly for himself. I sat up, anticipating that the next box would be something for me. Silly girl. Daddy opened the next box to reveal more livers and gizzards WHICH HE THEN PUT DOWN ON THE FLOOR FOR THE DOG. I didn't even get a biscuit.

4. A few years ago, Daddy had several health issues that landed him in the hopsital for several months. My brother flew in at one point, and he & I were at the hospital with him when a nurse came in to give Dad another round of shots. Trying to be perky and upbeat, she chirped "Where would you like your shot this time?" Without missing a beat, Daddy pointed at my brother and said "HIS butt." My brother protested "DAD, be serious" and the nurse cooed to Dad that it was nice to have his kids there to visit him. When we mention that there were more of us, she asked Dad how many kids he had. Again, without missing a beat, "Too darn many. Now get those two out of here." Apparently we were interfering with his TV watching.

5. Dad is responsible for my fondness for Pro Wrestling. (to Mom's dismay) When I was in high school, out town became a mecca for filmmakers and I wound up as an extra in several movies. I used some of the money from my first paycheck to buy tickets for us to go see the NWA when they came to town. Well, I had a good time- Dad, not so much. He was ok until I got into a screaming match with the bimbo valet of one wrestler. The truckers sitting in front of us thought it was a hoot that I was getting into it with this girl, so when she screamed for me to come to ringside and say something to her face, they were going to lift me over the barricasde to do it. Dad grabbed my by my back belt loop and yanked me back down to my seat without saying a word.

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