Sunday, June 12, 2011

5 for Sunday

A look at some of the more ambitious projects on my cross-stitch wish list:

Cirque des Carreaux from Ink Circles

Ink Circles- Cirque des Carreaux

Ink Circles- Cirque des Cercles (view here is a section close up)

Ink Circles- Cirque des Triangles

Ink Circles- Aventail (this one is a little project and I've actually finished it! Still haven't gotten my camera working, so I had to search the web for a pic to post here.)

Debbie Draper Designs- Floral Fantasy

As you can see, I like intricate patterns. It's odd that I enjoy stitching so much since it requires more patience than I normally have, but it's a perfect pastime for my OCD. And here's a bonus image of another project I'm about to start on, although the person who stitched this version used different colors than I plan to-

Ink Circles- Pizzazz (yeah, I REALLY like Ink Circles. Go visit them at!)

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