Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Something else from my vacation

After the better part of a year collecting flosses, fabrics, and patterns but not actually stitching anything, I *finally* got my stitching mojo back! All it took was a request for help from a pen pal in Mexico. She wanted some hand dyed floss that was prohibitably expensive for her needlework shop to order for her, so she asked if I could help her get them. I could have ordered them online, but decided it was way past time to visit the Needle Nest again.

Well, not only did I walk out with Stella's floss, I left with a bag of goodies for myself. And when I went back a week later to pick up the flosses that Miss Harriet was out of & ordered for me, I left with another bag of stash. However, THIS time I went home and started stitching again!

Here's the result:

Lizzie Kate's I Can Drive A Stick, done on a random piece of Aida in Sullivan's black & Presencia 1152. The pattern calls for all black, but I liked the idea of a pop of color & orange seemed the most fitting!

Then I started this:

Art House's Chat Noir. Despite the fact that this looks suspiciously like Zuul from Ghostbusters, this *will* be a cat when I'm done. 😉

Then I lost my mind and signed up for a fall themed stichalong to start next weekend. Pictures will appear as I progress...I hope!

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