Sunday, July 12, 2015

Another Wild Weekend At My House

A wild Saturday night at my house:

Decide that I need to do something besides eat junk & fool around online.

Make an attempt at tackling clean laundry mountain. Start by pulling out as much of the socks & underwear as I can find.

Realize that I can open my own shop with the amount of stuff hidden in the laundry.

Start trying to match socks. Give up on trying to find actual mates to black & white socks, settle for pairing them up by reasonably matching shade & length.

Wonder where the hell all the mates to my purple socks are?!?

Get frustrated with socks and start on the underwear instead.

Wonder why I own so many pairs of knickers when I only have 1 (admittedly large) butt.

In an unexpected burst of clarity, finally figure out the correct way to fold aforementioned knickers. Immediately dump the ones already in the drawer and refold to match the rest.

Feeling accomplished, I tackle the bra drawer. Throw away 3 bras that are so old that the label has faded away.

Renewed, I tackle the socks again. After matching everything possible, I still have half a basket of mateless socks. Hope that the rest are still in the mountain and will be found as I excavate.

Decide that I deserve a break and start reading.
3 hours later, realize I am hungry. Have given up on High Rise for the night and read a graphic novel & a memoir by Issa Rae. Decide that earns me a snack.

Sit down to eat & watch another comedy DVD. Then the rolling thunder started. Fetched the idiot cat inside, huddled on the couch with her while thunder LITERALLY shook my house. Then my phone alerts kicked in to tell me that we were under flood warning. Yay. Shady lost her mind and squalled for 90 minutes as the thunder continued and the rain threatened to was us away.

Things finally died down enough to let me get to sleep around 10 a.m. I'd forgotten to take my melatonin earlier, so it was hard to drop off and I didn't sleep well.

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