Friday, January 31, 2014

Me again...

So I've managed to post on the first/last days of the new year. That counts for something, although I'm not sure what.

I could ramble on again about the amounts of medical crap & family drama (plenty of both, thanks for asking) but why keep singing the same old song? Nutshell version- I still have Chronic Fatigue and my family is still crazy.

After looking at the wreckage of what used to be a semi-active life, I have drawn up a list of goals that I hope are attainable over the next month:

1. Haul at least one can of garbage to the curb every week. (bonus points if I manage to get a full can out for both weekly pickups) Which means...

2. ...start excavating the living room & kitchen. My cousins are coming in May, so I have to get the house-of-horrors whipped into shape.

3. tackle Laundry Mountain again. (more bonus points for hanging/folding things and putting them away properly)

4. Finish the cross stitch project I have planned for Mom's Valentine birthday.

5. Cook more at home and quit eating so much fast food again.

6. This kinda falls under #5, but maybe seeing it twice will make me do it: re-start my smoothie series and put that blender to use!

7. Haul at least one box of books/movies to the used book store. I need the money...and the space.

If anyone is out there, keep reading. Feel free to comment and help me keep motivated ot actually DO these things. I'll try to post about my progress, or lack thereof, as the month goes on.

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