Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Musings- Felicity & the Squirrel

I lived in a bottom floor apartment in a u-shaped building for about 5 years. My living room windows looked out onto the courtyard and had a small ledge on the outside. There were bushes on either side of my front door and trees by my bathroom window and in the middle of the courtyard. We had a fairly extensive squirrel population, although they mostly lived in the trees out along the street.

Felicity loved to lounge in the windows, like a queen looking out over her lands. She would chatter at my neighbors as they ambled through the courtyard to the rear apartments. Sometimes they'd chatter back. One day, as I was struggling to get the door open, I noticed a flower on the window ledge. I didn't think anything of it at first, other than it was odd for it to be there. Then I started finding all kinds of things on the ledge- flowers, seeds, tiny pebbles, bits of shiny stuff. I wondered if one of my neighbors had a child who was sharing their treasures with my kitten.

The mystery was solved one day when I was home with a headache. Liss had been napping in my lap in my recliner. Her sharp little ears caught a sound and she was off my lap and in the window like a shot. the curtain was pushed askew as she bolted into the window and I finally saw the source of her treasures. A squirrel was there, chattering to her. Felicity pushed her nose against the screen and the squirrel did the same. They sat there, nose to nose, for a minute, and then her little boyfriend was spooked by an approaching neighbor and zipped into the bushes, leaving a leaf behind on the ledge. Liss sighed and came back to my lap, waiting for another chance to chat with her little friend.

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