Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Confessions of a Cake Addict- Emma Kaufmann

Confessions of a Cake Addict

From Amazon:
The story unfolds in a series of letters and emails between overweight, insecure Gherkin (Kate) who lives in London, is tortured by her boss The Haddock at the advertising agency she works at and whos life has generally hit the skids since she split up with her long term boyfriend and has started dating a string of losers. Whenever things go wrong she muffles her feelings with cake.

Her sister Egg (Laurie) lives a perfect life in Sydney, Australia, is happily married and has two perfect, high achieving kids. However, the kids do leave her frazzled so she enjoys dipping into Kate's messy life and living vicariously through her romantic disasters but can't resist giving her dollops of sisterly advice. Laurie pulls no punches when commenting on Kate's bad life choices and echoes the reader's sentiments that zany, kooky Kate really needs to get a life. Laurie is a refreshing burst of reality, cutting through Kate's delusions and encouraging her to lose weight and go for it with Count Alex von Pappenberg when she's scared to be vulnerable.

Alex von Pappenberg, is a handsome but sensitive Austrian Count who is similarly disillusioned with life and love as Kate and lying low in the Austrian sticks in his Schloss. Like Kate he is stuck in life - his once successful vineyard has gone bankrupt and he's too unmotivated to start it up again. When Kate arrives at his Schloss as part of the entourage making a Bollywood movie Alex is determined to win her love but scared to make a move himself. Readers will enjoy seeing two insecure people grow to the point where they can take a chance on finding love again and facing the challenges of the future together!

This was a fun read that I lucked into as a freebie on Amazon. Poor Kate spends most of the book being pushed into the background while her glam friend Eva gets all the guys and her evil boss makes her miserable at every opportunity. A trip to Austria has them meet someone professing to be a Count, who Eva embarks on a fling with. Returning home, the Count writes to a less-interested Eva and she had Kate write back to him. The problem is, Kate finds herself falling for the bemused man she's corresponding with and isn't sure what to do when they make a return trip to Austria. Neither is he, as it turns out, because he is NOT the man they met the first time, but he is interested in Kate.

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