Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Musings- Take This Job And Shove It

Lyrics | Johnny Paycheck lyrics - Take This Job And Shove It lyrics

The title of this song sums it up perfectly. I like some aspects of my job, but my coworkers go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that working in the office itself is unbearable. I'm tired of being called into the office and being questioned about various issues they raise. If I talk to them, I'm condescending and hostile; if I don't talk to them, I'm cold and hostile. They have to have the TV on 24/7 and way too loud for it to be appropriate for what is allegedly a professional office, and the firestorm that was generated when I argued that it needed to be turned down was epic. I was actually threatened by my coworkers when the boss said that one more spat about the TV would see it removed form the office. BECAUSE I WANTED TO TURN IT DOWN.

We had another 'come to Jesus' meeting recently. After having been threatened, I decided it was easier to let the children have their way with the TV and started wearing ear plugs. I could still hear the telephone and the door chimes indicating that there was someone to be waited on. And I stopped carrying on any sort of non-work related conversation, because frankly after having been threatened, I didn't have a damn thing left to say to any of these people. But that wasn't good enough for my coworkers, and they started complaining to the bosses again. Presumably because I was actually almost enjoying the job again.

So here I am, forcing myself  to set foot in my office every shift. It's bad when you have to psych yourself up to enter the office- it's worse when you go home and throw up after most shifts. That's the point I've reached.

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