Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Two for Tuesday

This may or may not become a regular feature, but I wanted to share 2 of the Christmas Ornaments that I've finished stitching. Sadly, my camera is still refusing to upload pictures, so once again I have to thank the kind folks at Google Images for the assist.

First we have this one:

 Brittercup Designs, 2011 ornament from the Just Cross Stitch ornament issue. I've added beads to represent the ornaments on mine. 

and this:

 This is also from the JCS ornament issue, but I couldn't find a bigger picture.

Anyway, I had fun doing those two, and hopefully will be able to share more as I finish them. and maybe I'll finally learn how to get MY pictures to upload!

Oh- and for those who are interested, my friend Laura is hosting an ornament exchange on her blog. You can sign up here: http://thecrossstitchcorner.blogspot.com/2011/12/january-exchange.html and join the fun. We did a bookmark exchange last year, and if this one goes well, I'm hoping she'll do some more in 2012.

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