Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Customer Is NOT Always Right- A J Adams

The Customer Is Not Always Right: Hilarious and Horrific Tales of Customers Gone Wrong

If you have ever worked ANY kind of customer service position, you will read this book and identify with nearly every anecdote. If you haven't worked customer service, you will read this, laugh, and say "Things like that don't REALLY happen, do they?" YES THEY DO.

For your consideration, my own anecdote:

I work in the property/evidence room for the local Police department. We often field calls from people who know the law better than the officers and try to impress us with this while demanding that we give them their stuff back. 99.9% of the time they are wrong. This one was truly special:

Me: Property Room, how may I help you?

Idiot Caller: Yeah, your stupid officer stole mah pills and I want em back.

Me: (resisting the urge to tell her that whoever it was is not MY officer) May I have your name please so that i can look the record up?

IC: *slurs name*

Me: I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that. Would you repeat it for me please?

IC: You is as dumb as that officer, now quit fooling around and tell me how to get mah pills back!

Me: Insulting me is not going to get them back any faster. Would you please spell your name for me?

IC: *gives name, slightly more clearly* Hurry the f--- up and tell me what to do to get mah pills.

Me: There's no need to swear at me ma'am. I see here that your pills were put in as evidence, so you will not be able to claim them until the officer signs a release or a judge gives you an order for us to return them to you.

IC: Whaaaaaat?!? Dat be some bullsh-t! Y'all cain't be takin peoples pills and stuff. *rants in this vein for a few more minutes*

Me: *having looked at the incident report while irate idiot is screaming and swearing at me* Ma'am?

IC: WTF? I need mah dayum pills!

Me: *snapping* Maybe you shouldn't have offered to sell them to the officer when he pulled you over for DUI!

IC: Furreal? I did that? I was pretty tore up. *click*

yeah, some days I love my job......

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