Sunday, May 1, 2011

5 for Sunday

5 ways I amused myself as a child:

1. Blowing bubbles. Give me a bowl of soapy water and a ring to blow through and I was a happy kid. I still do it from time to time- only now I blow catnip bubbles for my kitties to chase. However, having seen the new Crayola Washable Color Bubbles, I may have to invest in some and see if anyone wants to revisit childhood with me.


2. Picking flowers/making flower chains. Do kids even do this anymore? I used to love picking little bouquets of flowers in the grassy areas near my various homes. Granted, the flowers my friends and I picked are/were regarded more as weeds, but to us they were beautiful. Mom always displayed my homemade bouquets with pride on the cabinet or her desk at work if they hadn't wilted away to nothing overnight. Give me a field of clover and/or dandelions and I'd spend hours making necklaces/bracelets/crowns.

3. Speaking of dandelions, I also loved finding a field of puffballs- aka dandelions gone to seed. Loads of fun blowing until all the seeds flew away, making wishes that usually never came true, and just generally making a mess. Good times!

4. Reading. DUH. I read through my school and public libraries like a termite through wood.

5. Watching TV. Yeah, as much as I could get away with. My favorite after-school block used to air on TBS- UltraMan, Space Giants, and Battle of the Planets. (I wanted to be Princess. And it broke my heart to see what Casey Kasem- the voice of Mark- looked like)


*many thanks to the kind folks who put thier photos out on Google Image.

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