Monday, February 1, 2016

February, already?!?

Time flies. I wish I could say it was because I was having fun. We had snow finally. Two weeks ago we got about 2 inches. Then a few days later we got 4-6 inches. You'd have thought the apocalypse was coming. Then, the Monday after it snowed, the weather hit 50° and most of the snow was gone. Today, a week later it was 66. Why yes, we've all got sinus infections now.

I indulged myself with some post holiday shopping. Got rid of my Walmart cheapo coffee maker and toaster! Bought these shiny new babies to replace them! (Forgive the blurry photography)

The tubby tabby boys are settling in. They've been much more visible, exploring the house and trying to decide what to make of my Shady girl. There is still some hissing & growling, but there have also been moments of touching noses, eating side by side, and batting a rattle ball back & forth. They've also taken to occasionally hopping into my lap and sleeping for a bit.

Poor Nightshade isn't sure what to make of them, either. I've made a point of cuddling, petting, and talking to her so that she knows I still love her best.

Remy: (I think)


Well, that's about it for now. more later. Blogging will be a bit iffier than before as the new security measures on the work computer mean I have to do it all from my tablet. It's not the easiest way to go.

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