Wednesday, December 3, 2014

10 Random Interview Questions

The divine Gail Carriger posted a list of interview questions on her page, and I thought it would be fun to try to answer them myself. Here goes:

1. If someone were to write your biography, what would be the title and subtitle?

This Is NOT What I Planned: A Look At The Life Of A Broken Biracial Amazon

2. Have you ever made a literary pilgrimage?

Not exactly. I do tend to plan trips around bookstore visits. I looked up stores in Toronto & London before I went to both. And the only reason I want to go to New York City is to go to the Strand bookstore.

3. Describe the best breakfast of your life.

One of the best ones was the breakfast we had on the day we went to Stonehenge. I discovered the joy of British bacon, sausage, and ham, fried bread, and sauteed mushrooms for breakfast. All washed down with strong hot tea. I loved it!

4. What is your idea of absolute happiness?

Ideally, waking up in the arms of Tom Hiddleston or Michael Fassbender. More realistically, it would be sleeping in as late as I want, waking up to a breakfast of bacon and pastries, lounging around reading and sipping tea or iced coffee with my silly cat in my lap, napping, Chinese for lunch, going book shopping and then coming home to a steak dinner, before going back to bed and reading until I fall asleep.

5. What is your favorite indulgence, either wicked or benign?

Butter Almond Ice cream. Fleischkele (old family dish, basically a fried meat turnover), my 500 count lavender sheets.

6. Fahrenheit, Celsius, or Kelvin?

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme...

7. Who are your favorite characters in history? Have any of them influenced your writing?

This is as close to writing as I get anymore, so no real influence that I'm aware of. I'm blanking on the characters.

8. Aside from other writers, name some artists from whom you draw inspiration and talk a little about their work.

no answer for this.

9. Dogs, cats, budgies, or turtles?

All of the above!

10. In the For-All-Eternity category, what will be your final thought?

Well, damn....

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