Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Weight Loss Chronicles- part 1

So, back to the subject of weight loss and how/why it eludes me.

I mentioned my issues with portion control, but only scratched the surface. Part of the problem is that I got used to cooking for crowds. Since I often was one of the few people in my various groups of friends who could/would cook, I got used to cooking for crowds. And then I got used to piling large amounts on my plate, mainly because there was no guarantee that there would be any left if I tried waiting and going back for seconds. (especially where a pack of hungry wrestlers was concerned!) Now it's mostly just cooking for myself, and occasionally my parents. But I still cook large amounts- sometimes so that I'll have leftovers and won't have to cook again for a few days, sometimes because I think I'm THAT hungry and will eat it all.

I also used to be a member of the clean plate club. We didn't have a lot of money when I was growing up, and both of my parents came from poor backgrounds, so wasting food was not an option. That was fine at home (where Mom controlled portions more than I ever have), but going out to eat? I'd all but lick the plate clean. And we all know that American restaurants serve meals that are often the equivalent of 2 or more servings. I would order the largest thing I could afford/or was told I could have and eat it all, even if it meant I was full to the point of almost being sick. We won't even discuss buffets.

Actually, I will mention buffets. Never met one I didn't like. Laura's husband, Kenny, came up with the best definition of buffet that I've ever heard- Big Ugly Fat Fuckers Eating Together. There were several Chinese buffets in my hometown, and one in particular that my friends and I nearly put out of business after my first year at college. The Guong Dong would open for lunch at 11 and close at 2. We'd be there waiting when they opened and they'd have to shoo us out at closing. At that time, I rarely ate vegetables, so I would spend 3 hours eating egg rolls, fried won tons, rice, and whatever meat I picked out of the other dishes.

Seriously y'all, I ate so much fried stuff  and other cholesterol laden foods that I'm surprised I didn't sweat gravy. Then again, I didn't do much exercise, so I rarely broke a sweat. Amazingly enough, my cholesterol isn't as bad as it could be. It's slightly elevated, according to Dr B, so I'm on a medication to help it but only because he thought it would also help with my blood pressure.

Now when I go to buffets (they're getting harder to find, unless you frequent casinos), I limit the amount of fried food I eat from them. I will admit that all bets are off on the rare occasion I find one with fried pork chops, but allow myself that indulgence since it happens so rarely. I eat more vegetables now than I did in my youth. (better late than never) In steakhouses, I no longer order the largest steak on the menu, and one of my sides is ALWAYS a salad or some other green vegetable. I don't like most salad dressings, so I ask for the dressing on the side and use smaller amounts than they usually give me.

Next week- other things I have done to try to cut calories.

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